Spring 2020 Postal Match

That’s right folks! After last year’s successful inaugural GFDS Postal match we are already in the planning stages for 2020.

One big addition to the 2020 Postal Match will be the inclusion of IPSC into the game with their own standings. The interest shown to us by our international fans is what made this decision for us.

Another added item will be sponsors for each of the stages. To that end, we are looking for a limited number of companies to help us support the folks that make our local matches happen. Since it is not a prize or trophy match, we are looking for help sending these fine folks some match branded swag. Items only the local staff of the sports will get with additional promotions through social media and the swag store. Please send a message to Orders@GoFastDontSuck.net if you are interested.

As new developments happen, we will post them here…. right after social media.